About The Crusty Sprinkler Guy

I have worked in the landscape irrigation business since June of 1989. I have seen just about every kind of system there is, from ancient galvanized pipe systems from the 1950’s to the latest weather based technology systems. I’ve been on crews that installed systems in golf courses, hospital and school campuses, even state parks. I’ve also installed the smallest detailed drip systems in window boxes and patio pots.

Right after graduating high school in Pocatello,  I moved to the Wood River Valley of Idaho. There a family friend hired me on as a laborer installing sprinkler systems around Ketchum and Sun Valley. I worked for him for two summers, then got a job at a bigger landscaping outfit the fall of ’90 shoveling snow at first. The following two years I was the go-to sprinkler boy of Peter Flood & Co. Most of the installations we did were for the rich and famous’ homes occupied two weeks out of the year.

The small town kid had a big city itch and moved west to Boise in November 1992. That winter I found a job at Sterling Landscape. I quickly became their go-to sprinkler boy. The installations there were of a much larger scale. A few included St. Alphonsus Hospital, the new Eagle High School (1995), what is now Timberline High School, which in ’93 was built to be a middle school, Lake Walcott State Park in Rupert (’93), Woodhead Park at Brownlee Reservoir (’94), there were many other elementary schools,industrial parks, and car dealerships I can’t recall the names of.

I thought I’d had enough of the sprinkler biz in the fall of ’95 and tried my hand at hanging sheetrock. I soon learned I preferred my feet on ground level and lower as opposed to scaffolding and sketchy planks. In the spring of ’96 I went to work for Intermountain Sprinkler, which was part of Hillside Nursery. My role there was a service tech. I drove a truck around diddy boppin’ residential repair and service mostly.  I picked up a lot of electrical and miscellaneous troubleshooting skills there. I did get involved in some bigger projects there too: ACHD street upgrades, The Edwards 21 Cinemas shopping center, the new Flying Wye construction of I-84, et. al.

The big city itch was not yet satisfied, and in the fall of ’99 I went looking for an apartment and job in Seattle with my girlfriend Heather. I cold-called Craig at City Rain because his was the first sprinkler company listed with a 206 area code. I had no desire to commute north or to the east side for work. I was pretty much hired upon our first meeting, and I haven’t been fired yet. For the last twelve years I’ve learned quite a bit serving the Seattle area. I seen the new weather based technology working its way to affordability and practicality. I married that Heather girl too.

I’m excited to be a part of the future wise management of water, which is currently an undervalued commodity. I believe in the value and dignity of labor, and all skilled trades. Labor makes the world run, labor runs the world.


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  1. Rick

    Love the blog, crusty!

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